La Nuit Theater's Five Level Program

Level 1:

- Intro to improv. Exciting new class and price! This 6-week class introduces you to the basic concepts of improvisation like "yes, and" and basic scene work. Great for beginners as well as experienced actors.

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Instructor: Yvonne Landry

Prerequisites: None

New Classes: Date/Time:
Starts: Dec 5th 11A-1P.

Level 2/3:

- If you've ever taken levels 1 or 2 at la Nuit theater, you're eligible for level 2/3. This level will combine story and plot with advanced long-forms.

This is an 8-week class. Get ready to rock it!

Instructor: Yvonne Landry

Prerequisites: Open to all students who've competed Level 1-long form.

Required reading: "Impro" by Keith Johnstone.

Date/Time: Starts Tuesday, Jan 20th from 6-8 PM

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Level 3:

- Forms- Students will learn 12 different long forms, all based in the "Harold". Prerequisite- levels 1 and 2 at La Nuit.

Instructor: Yvonne Landry

Prerequisites: Levels 1 and 2

Date/Time: TBA
Level 4:

- Level 4 covers advanced devices through the Harold. Things like throw
forwards and followings.

Instructor: Yvonne Landry

Prerequisites: This 8-week class is open by audition

Required reading is "Guru" by Jeff Griggs

Date/Time: TBA

Level 5:

-The Comedy Conservatory is a 5 level training program that specializes in the study of improvisational comedy. Levels 1-4 are in sequential order, while level 5 is an elective level, open to the general public. Level 5 instructors are often outside teachers who excel in their field, brought in to the conservatory.

Instructor: TBA

Prerequisites: None

Date/Time: TBA

Please send us an email if you any questions. Our master classes are coming soon. Check our blog for upcoming announcements.


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