La Nuit Comedy Theater is the perfect place for any kind of party you can imagine. We’re convenient to just about everywhere, and our outrageously funny and friendly staff and students will make great company for your posse.

Previously we have hosted birthday parties, CD release parties, even bachelor parties. Everyone always agrees that the event was a blast, one that the guests attending will always remember, and you look like a genius for finding such a great place to host your event.

With a private party at La Nuit, its all about you!

You want a comedy show that’s clean and friendly and guaranteed not to offend your family, friends or clients?
We got your back!

You want a comedy show that’s over-the-top, R-rated, and finely tuned to your guests’ tastes?
We can do that too!

You want us to stay out of your way and let the entertainment come from those attending?
We’d be happy to!

We have not one, but TWO full-service bars and room for up to sixty guests, up to 120 guests if you want both rooms. We’ve got all your technical needs covered. We’ve even recently added a video projector with a screen nearly 20 feet across! What more could you need? We’ll get it for you.

For further inquiries, please call our office at 504-899-0336 or send an email to