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We now have PayPal! You can also use your credit card on PayPal. You can also enjoy a tasty adult beverage at Other Bar next door!

La Nuit Theater also hosts regular weekly bookings of Stand up Theatrical Plays. Check Back with the homepage for regular updates on what is new this week. Also, if you’re interested in improv classes check out our 5 level improv program.

ComedySportz -Friday (starting Sept 19th 2014) and Saturday night @ 8:00 PM.

Unlike most other forms of performance comedy, ComedySportz is great for all ages. The audience of a typical ComedySportz match contains everyone from kids to college students to parents to grandparents. Everyone has a good time and no one gets offended, and if an actlete steps beyond the boundaries of good taste, the “brown bag foul” (a brown paper sack placed over the offending player’s head) will be called to set things straight. If you think “clean” is boring, you owe it to yourself. Free to all students of La Nuit Theater. Tickets are 10 dollars. Now ComedySportz can be seen on two nights Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm. Ticket’s for both shows can be purchased online below at the paypal link.

Friday (starting Sept 19th 2014) at 8 PM:


Adults (18 and over):


Kids (under 18 years old):


This Saturday at 8 PM:


Adults (18 and over):



Kids (under 18 years old):



Sketchy Characters Friday June 13th @ 8 PM

It’s been years since we’ve performed live and we are bringing it back Friday the 13th!! Come join us for a kickass comedy set by Corey Mack ! Beautiful Burlesque and comedy by Remy Dee! Then join Sketchy Characters Armando Leduc, Kelli Rosher, Adam Stephenson, Alan Abeyta, Ceth Watson, Kenneth G. Petrie, Zetta Marie Gagliano, Khristian Leslie, Pedro Lucero, David Brown and Michael Dardant!! You won’t want to miss this!!! Show will start promptly at 8pm because some of our performers have other shows that night, SO DON’T BE LATE!!!


Notthat Records presents Comedy Armageddon Episode 2
Saturday June 7th 10pm (First Saturday of every month @ 10:00 PM)

W/ PH Fred, Jennifer Lindsley, Steve “bday boy” Shaw, Jonathan Christensen & Ethan Anderson
Musical guest: Lynn Drury + standup by Maureen King


Friday Night Stand Up Open Mic @1030 pm

Every friday night La Nuit Theater features its stand up showcase at 1030 pm. You’ll see some of the comedians New Orleans has to offer. THE SHOW IS FREE and is one of the longest running stand up open mic comedy shows in New Orleans. Thats right FREE.  This is an open mic format show and you’ll see some seasoned ( w/ Zatarans, caution some seasonings may contain peanuts or peanut extracts) veterans as well as first time performers.  Sign up is at 10:00 pm.  DID WE MENTION IT WAS FREE BECAUSE IT IS!!!

Introducing…the new HOUSE HAROLD TEAM opening for Yvonne and Robin with Panoroma Jazz Band, Friday at 9:30 PM

“These 2 funny ladies, improvise comedy.”

Tickets: $8/free with a student ID. Purchase online: